Film director receives $5,000 grant from The Giving Back Foundation

Source: The Litchfield News
June 14, 2011

LITCHFIELD — The Giving Back Foundation has granted $5,000 to the Connecticut production of "Brilliant Mistakes," a film being produced and directed by Litchfield resident Paul Brighton in late summer and early fall. "Brilliant Mistakes" is a story about loyalty and love with an inspiring ending, filled with a message of hope. Through the production's fiscal sponsor, Cinetribe, the Giving Back Foundation will contribute to a 15-week After-School program that incorporates art therapy and film-making. Ten children of various levels of academic performance are invited to join the program.

The goals of the program are 1) increase critical thinking skills, reading comprehension and writing skills among eighth graders of under-resourced backgrounds; and 2) increase self-esteem and love of learning of eighth graders of under-resourced backgrounds.

The Giving Back Foundation was launched in 2010 by Meera Gandhi as a catalyst to aid women and children to create a new generation of leaders and thinkers. The foundation aims to assist directly in education, address illness and poverty around the world and has even recently granted a five-year grant to the Woodstock Film Festival, to encourage socially-uplifting films whereby The Giving Back Award will honor an actor, producer or director who has initiated social change.

Paul Brighton is honored and thrilled to have the support of such an organization during this time prior to locking in the budget.

"It’s funny," he said. "The most unlikely organizations sometimes have ties to film festivals, because film-making and documentaries are a powerfully expressive medium to get messages out there. More and more, we’re seeing that philanthropic organizations like GBF and Cinetribe are willing to help filmmakers like myself because we’re telling real-life stories, and inspiring people just like the big Hollywood machines, but on micro-budgets."

Litchfiled County residents are urged to visit the film's production website where they can learn about the film and even donate through Paypal.

"It's something to be proud of and it warrants community support," Brighton said. "We’re not only telling a deeply-moving story about a young couple who suffer at the hands of a texting driver, but we’re filming "Brilliant Mistakes" in autumn in Litchfield on the RED one camera, which was used to shoot Winter's Bone, Social Network, and Rabbit Hole. We'll be capturing Litchfield in all its glory."

To learn more about the generous work of Meera Gandhi and The Giving Back Foundation, or to donate, please visit

To learn about instituting Cinetribe’s After School Program in your Connecticut school, visit

A state-wide casting call announcement will be made soon. Visit for details or to contribute.