Instant Karma

Socialites convert themselves into Hindu goddesses.

Salaam Bombay! What's this Bollywood photo portrait of you doing above the mantel? Look, the path to enlightenment is riddled with difficulty, and I don't feel like waiting for death for people to appreciate my more, well, meditative side. So when I heard that two New York artists, Baba Anand and Hugo Tillman, were accepting commissions to deify their subjects Hindu style, I just knew I had to have one of myself.

You're nuts. Well, I'm not the only one. When their first customer, socialite Meera Gandhi, met Anand at the Kismet Gallery, she so loved the idea that she commissioned a portrait immediately. She demanded he show her more contemplative side. And you know Tillman's photographed all the stars - Lauren Hutton, Vin Diesel.

Well, I can be thoughtful, too, and there's room for a painting above my bed... Listen, there's already a wait list. Betsey Johnson and Kyan Douglas from Queer Eye are clamoring to sit next. Portraits (and deification), $4,000.