Letter from Bina Menon, Director of Kalashri Dance Acacdemy, NJ, USA.

October 18, 2008

Dear Ms Meera Gandhi , I feel specially privileged to write the "Thank you note" to you which not many people here enjoy since you have moved to Hong Kong. I appreciate you taking the time to be in our midst and speak to our audience , I have just been to 2 classes after the show and the encomium bestowed on you by my students and their parents about your genuine attachment to children , they found you to be very real ," Cool " was the word used by the girls and clear about your informative speech , they were raving of your stylish personality , as you know this was our 16th annual celebration ,we have gone through several speakers , Mr Sreedhar Menon himself has arranged key note speakers for us , but no one so far other than you has had an impact on our students , their parents and our friends . We are so honored to have had you , your kind interaction with the children went a long way to prove that you were the most befitting speaker for the occasion . Thank you again Ms Gandhi for sparing your most precious time , in spite of your multifarious activities ,you shared your very valuable thoughts with us, which lay ingrained in the minds of all who attended the show .The parents of my students are in fact planning to buy the DVD of the show from the TV network that has recorded the show , to listen to your speech again !! I can't wait either .

On another note ,one of our family friends , Mr Jay Mathews , works at the Chapin School ,NY , who happens to know your daughter , he wanted to meet with you after the show , his son was the person seated next to the judges on the stage .
I was not able to have a conversation with you due to the situation and circumstance that I met you in ,but I have heard a lot from Mr Sreedhar Menon so it seem like I know you already . I am hoping to have the privilege of meeting you sometime . (NY -HK ?)

I'll make sure I forward you the pictures as soon as I receive them .
Thanks again .

Bina Menon