Meera Gandhi and Cherie Blair host a private screening of Giving Back

November 2, 2010


On Tuesday, November 2nd, Founder and CEO of the Giving Back Foundation, Meera Gandhi, and wife of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Cherie Blair, hosted a Private Screening of Meera Gandhi's new documentary GIVING BACK at the Disney Screening Room.  The 23-minute documentary is about what its title implies:giving back.  It features Bono,  Kerry Kennedy, Steven Rockefeller, Clodagh, Homayra Sellier, Cherie Blair, Hillary Clinton,  Raj Loomba and vignettes from Mother Teresa’s Asha Dan in India, and there are many more people who give back that are highlighted in the film--all of these people have devoted their lives to particular causes that are close to their hearts.