Meera Gandhi in Mumbai

Source: Mid-Day
April 8, 2016

If you think the run up to the royal visit of Kate and William is the only thing creating a flurry in Mumbai, think again. One time Mumbai resident, Meera Gandhi, who left the city for New York a few years ago, after a series of high profile farewell parties has not one or two but three events lined up for her impending visit, it appears.

Meera Gandhi
Meera Gandhi

We first heard of the imminent Gandhi visit when we ran into producer Vivek Vaswani recently. "I would love you to watch my new movie,” he said. “Meera has shown interest in it. I will let you know when I am screening it for her." Meera Nair? We asked. After all, to gain the internationally celebrated Oscar winning director's interest is no small achievement. "Meera Gandhi," said Vaswani, adding, "As you know she'll be here soon."

The second intimation of Gandhi's visit was when a women’s magazine invited us to its annual power women awards in association with Meera Gandhi's NGO over the weekend. Here it appears that Gandhi's presence would be more of inspirational evangelism. Lastly, we hear the lovely Hema Deora will be hosting a small high-powered lunch for 15 or so of the city's leading women in honour of the said Gandhi.