February 2005

Meera Gandhi is one of those remarkable women whom the angels must have sent to teach us a lesson in how to conduct a fruitful life. All of us struggle with the commitment to family vs. the commitment to the community. Meera seems to have developed the perfect balance, which is to embrace every moment with total commitment and joy. I first met Meera when we were seated together at a fundraiser for an organization which helps elect women candidates to political office. She spoke about her children, and how important it was to her, for their sake, that women leaders be elected, as role models and as caretakers for the next generation. She also spoke about her home, the former home of Eleanor Roosevelt. Meera’ command of history and her amusing anecdotes about Mrs. Roosevelt’s life and works were beyond impressive, they were riveting. A few weeks later, at my request, Meera graciously hosted the entire Amnesty International Leadership Council in her home, a group she had never met, with the grace and ease which is part and parcel of her very being.

In the wake of the Tsunami disaster, Meera went straight to work in high gear. She not only hosted several events to educate and raise funds, she also attended countless events others organized, with her typical energy and commitment and generosity of spirit.

As a friend, Meera is one of those people with whom one can discuss anything, from debt relief to child labor to torture in Abu Graib to debt relief to raising kids to what’s on sale.

Meera’s brilliance is matched by her boundless heart. I feel blessed to have her in my life.

Kerry Kennedy