Pearson College/UWC

Source: Pearson College
May 9, 2013

As a major supporter of Pearson College, and the United Colleges of Wales, Giving Back joined the famed international school and its Board at the school's 50th Anniversary reception held on May 9th at the home of Priscilla Ratazzi Whittle, president of UWC Atlantic College's U.S. Foundation in New York City. John Walmsley, Atlantic College's principal, acknowledged the milestone anniversary and thanked the U.S. supporters for their loyal and sterling support. The school's scholarships for high potential and deserving students who are future leaders, has led to the growth of a global education movement with Nelson Mandela and Queen Noor of Jordan.

Alison Akant, Principal at Diversity Research and former Assistant District Attorney for Narcotics in New York City, is acknowledged and presented with a framed photo of the 12th Century Donat Castle in the UK, which is the school's home.

Left to right, Willem de Vogel, Atlantic College graduate who worked on the development of the RIB rigid inflation boat for the Royal Navy, and right, John Walmsley, UWC Atlantic College Principal.