“We are to the universe only as much as we give back to it”

That is the motto of Meera Teresa Gandhi, the New York based Indian billionaire and founder of The Giving Back Foundation. Born to an Irish mother & Indian father, Meera’s life changed when she met Mother Teresa at the age of 16 who showed her the path of selfless social work. This is when Meera decided to dedicate her life into serving humanity. Today, Meera Gandhiis an influential global philanthropist & humanitarian who has dedicated her life to work towards empowering women and girls through her foundation.

The Giving Back Foundation was established in 2010 by Meera as a not-for-profit organization. Its beneficiaries are carefully selected from existing charities around the world, with special emphasis on women and children in need. Directly assisting education of women and children, addressing illness, poverty, hunger and suffering are the primary activities of the Giving Back Foundation.

Meera Gandhi has always focused on securing the future generation by empowering and educating them. Her foundation has adopted New Delhi’s St. Michael’s School in India. As a result of the program, the children of St. Michael’s School are provided with meals on a daily basis and have had their entire school and its grounds refurbished. The program provided a new hostel, a playground, and a new school block filled with classrooms, thus securing the future generation. This is a soup to nuts priority 10-year undertaking by the Giving Back Foundation. The Giving Back Foundation supports many entities with scholarships and grants which have been very carefully selected, and most often with 5-year commitments.

“There is no cause that can last without the support of charity and kindness of others and no amount of charitable work is any use if it does not go to support a cause. What makes The Giving Back Foundation special is that it does more than simply provide financial assistance to the projects it supports. It is our mission to offer a more hands-on approach, seeing projects through on a more intimate level.” says Meera Gandhi

Meera Gandhi has been honored with the SOUTH ASIAN WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AWARD for outstanding service towards women empowerment. The award was presented during the International Women’s Day celebrations in Long Island, NEW YORK, USA. She was also awarded, Honorable Citation, Certificate of Appreciation Award on behalf of the Town of Nassau, New York, USA. She has also been honoured with Humanitarian award of the Year from the Mayor’s office of the City of NY for the third time in January 2018.

Many eminent global celebrities and personal friends of Meera are supporting her to raise awareness around the issues which she and her foundation working for, to name some - Bill and Hillary Clinton, Kerry Kennedy, Marc Antony, Oprah Winfrey, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Tony and Cherie Blaire, Rahul Gandhi, Whoopie Goldberg, AJ Calloway, Paolo Zampolli, Henry Cardenas and many others. She is constantly working towards making earth a better and safe place by helping and providing opportunities to the needy people.

In 2017, Meera produced The Meera Gandhi Show which airs on B4U TV Network and is based on essential life changing topics used to de-stress and live a more joyful, positive life. The show goes in-depth into one-on-one interviews with significant influencers from all walks of life and provides a close glimpse into the lives of the successful and spiritual.