WFF's Inagural Meera Gandhi Giving Back Award

September 22, 2011

Saugerties, NY

The Woodstock Film Festival is honored to announce that 2011 will mark the inaugural year for the Meera Gandhi Giving Back Award, which will be presented annually to a director, producer or actor who best delivers a message of social change. This prestigious award will include a cash prize of five thousand dollars. The award will be presented at the WFF Annual Awards Gala on Saturday, September 24 by Ms. Gandhi herself. This partnership between the Woodstock Film Festival and The Giving Back Foundation demonstrates the commitment that both organizations have in support of humanitarian efforts through the art of film.

Since its inception, the Woodstock Film Festival has championed films that matter through the Exposure Program, which features screenings (and panels) that emphasize social, political and environmental concerns while seeking to heighten awareness, stimulate dialogue and create positive resolutions.

"Thanks to Meera Gandhi and the Giving Back Foundation, the Woodstock Film Festival will be able to promote and support dedicated individuals who create meaningful films that make a difference," stated WFF co-founder & executive director Meira Blaustein. "Everyone at WFF is deeply appreciative of The Giving Back Foundation for its commitment to endorsing and encouraging positive change"Meera Gandhi is a Humanitarian, Mother, Businesswoman and Diplomat who was born in Mumbai, India. She is the daughter of an Irish mother and an Indian father. As the founder of the Giving Back Foundation, she splits her time between her various causes in New York, London and Hong Kong. She also made her directorial debut with the short documentary Giving Back, which explores the deeply personal and unique ways in which Gandhi and her friends from around the world "give back" to humanity.

"The Giving Back Foundation is absolutely thrilled to be part of The Woodstock Film Festival for the next five years." Meera Gandhi proclaimed, "My own personal life motto and that of the Foundation is: 'You are to the universe as much as you give back to it.' The Woodstock Film Festival lives up to our mission, our ideals and to this motto. We love the fierce independence of the Festival and have so long admired its contributions to the arts, to New York and the U.S.A. It will be a huge honor for me to give out The Meera Gandhi Giving Back Award each year to the carefully selected humanitarian in the film industry."