On a mission to spread positive energy and a message of well-being, Meera Gandhi believes ‘giving back’ is the way to move forward as a race. “I believe we have all the answers we seek inside us. So, if we are in perfect harmony with the universe by simple measures like eating right, sleeping well, and not letting stress get the better of us, we can make the best decisions for ourselves almost intuitively.”
Meera has devoted her life to working for the betterment of children, the disadvantaged, and the differently-abled. Her passion for making a difference at the grassroots is directed through The Giving Back Foundation®. The organisation’s avowed aim is to act as a catalyst in creating a new generation of leaders and thinkers from poor urban and rural communities around the world, particularly amongst women and children. The Foundation has 3 distinct parts to it:

  • Educate and empower
  • Be a catalyst for positive dialogue
  • Mental wellness & holistic living

Transformational education, as the stepping stone to success, is of particular interest to Meera. According to her, “Education opens doors. Education empowers people. By supporting education, tackling malnutrition and illness, and addressing the causes of poverty, we can empower and uplift women and children to be the agents of change.”

The Foundation supports charities with strong women leadership programs and workshops – including the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, and the Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership Center – and also acts as a platform for positive dialogue and debate among young people to help promote positive social change.

“Be involved and stay connected with the projects you are supporting,” is her advice to people, especially the young.